Small Scenes

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Poems by Kenneth W. Brewer Woodcuts by Royden Card [portfolio_slideshow ]

Equinox Siesta by David Lee

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Equinox Siesta by David Lee A mirage is the desert dreaming about the ocean who used to live here. —Baucis Rojas 1 The desert yawns and sprawls, laden with sky, flecked red on gold the memory of snuffed starlight, its belly shimmering a Monet canvas Warm air over the cool sand lifts a small cloud in the sun-slick sky, its shadow, like Beethoven changing moods, shoves its ...

Down to Bluff

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Down to Bluff by Diane Fouts Deb and I go a hundred miles to hear poems, at least that's the reason we give. Truth is, we're running away driving fast, leaving our hearts and their impossible situations behind. We chase the possibilities inherent in two women on a blacktop highway through the desert. I try to keep up a ...

Sphaeralcea ambigua

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Sphaeralcea ambigua by Ann Johnson I measure friends by promises kept; so it is I have few friends and a plethora of cohorts. Of those cohorts, man puzzles me the most. He, of multiple variations, his family, genus, species convoluted and complex, I cannot trust; hybrids don’t breed true. Once Homo sapien sapien, the wise one on two legs, was full of comprehension. He named ...

The Valley Fremont

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[caption id="attachment_206" align="alignright" width="343" caption="Freemont River, Torrey Utah - painting by Bonnie Posselli"][/caption] The Valley Fremont by E.P. Pectol Come with me and see a picture Of a valley I will show, Drawn by Nature. Grand Old Artist, Many hundred years ago. Here ...