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The Entrada Institute needs your help. Twice per year in the Fall and Spring we hold fundraisers. These events are essential to maintain and expand our programs. However, this page is available year-round for your donations.

To learn more about our programs, watch our Annual Retrospective Video or visit our programming page.

If you’d like to discuss planned giving, please email us at

Want to donate through the Facebook interface? Go to our Facebook Fundraiser.


General Program Contribution

We’re always seeking general program contributions to the organization.

I want to support the entire organization through a contribution to the general fund.

I want to support a program focus area (i.e., art, economic development, environmental issues, history, humanities, music, science, youth).

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Support a Special Event

From the Arts and the Park event each June to our Heritage Starfest in the Fall, we offer a growing number of special events and festivals.

I want to support a specific, special event.

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Our scholarships have helped hundreds of local students reach their post-secondary school goals.

I want to support local Wayne High Scholarships.

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A playwright, a composer, a musician, an author, a multimedia developer… our program has supported a wide range of artists.

I want to support the arts by helping to sponsor the Artist-in-Residence program.

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Capital Campaign

We need your help in finishing up Phase 1 of our capital campaign. Contribute to the construction of our new performing arts stage. To learn more, go to our Capital Campaign page.

I want to support Phase 1 of the Capital Campaign.

Operating Contribution

Although we are a 100% volunteer organization, we have operating expenses. From insurance to water bills, our organization needs help with the day-to-day operation of the Entrada Institute.

I want to support the entire organization through a contribution to the operating fund.

Beyond Online Contributions

I want to support the Entrada Institute. Can I send a check by mail?

Yes! Use the mailing address below:

Entrada Institute, Inc.
PO Box 750217
70 South 200 West
Torrey, Utah 84775

Thanks! We appreciate your contribution!