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The Entrada Institute is excited to announce our participation in “Love Utah, Give Utah” a once annual day of giving sponsored by The Community Foundation of Utah

As you know, the Entrada Institute is a vital contributor to the culture and community of Wayne County, and the surrounding area of Capitol Reef. Through music festivals, promoting artists, authors and research scientists, as well as a commitment to the educational enrichment of local youth and residents, the Entrada Institute celebrates the past, present and future of life on the Colorado Plateau.

Please join us on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 as we “point, click and donate” in support of the Entrada Institute. Go to

We’ll keep you posted with more details regarding this spectacular event over the next several days, and how you can contribute to the work of the Entrada Institute.


Entrada Institute Support

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT OUR NEXT SEASON will mark Entrada Institute’s 21st YEAR of providing opportunities for artists, humanities scholars, writers, scientists, and performers from Utah and the surrounding region to develop and share their work. During those years, we have provided hundreds of events for thousands of you who love the Colorado Plateau, especially the Cockscomb country around Torrey, Utah.

Arch in Capitol Reef National Park

During the next twenty years we will see new demands on the West as populations shift, livelihoods readjust, and the climate continues to change. With your help, Entrada will influence that future by providing interpretive programming, discussion forums, youth education opportunities, and development prospects for thinkers and creative types of all stripes.

The board of directors invites you to help sustain the vitality of the Colorado Plateau and share the splendor of the Capitol Reef area by contributing to the Entrada Institute. It takes about $30,000 for Entrada to provide its three main programs: Saturday Sunset Series, Artist-in-Residence, and Wayne County High School Scholarships.

Our Scholarship Program for Wayne County High provides much-needed financial support for graduating students who wish to pursue a college education—this includes our new Bernice Scholl Memorial Scholarship fund.

Our Saturday Series of readings, concerts, slideshows, lectures, and other events enrich the cultural life of Wayne County while providing artists, humanities scholars and earth scientists to share their new and existing works.

Our Artist in Residence helps support the creation of new works in the Wayne County environs, while providing a housing and meals stipend and an opportunity for the artist to describe his or her experience.

In these uncertain economic times, many non-profit organizations are struggling to stay afloat. Others have shuttered their doors or significantly cut back staff and programming. Entrada is a very lean organization, run by a working board. Please help us by contributing.

Please send your donation to the address (below) or by using PayPal button (below) to help ensure a strong 2013-2014 season.

Thank you for considering this invitation of support.

Entrada Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, tax identification number
87-0514231, and your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.