Dark Skies Initiative


News Update:

Torrey has been named Utah’s first International Dark Sky Community. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard the past decade to make this happen. Read about it at http://www.darksky.org/town-of-torrey-earns-utahs-first-international-dark-sky-community-designation/

The Entrada Institute celebrates the dark skies of the Colorado Plateau through a variety of projects.

  • Heritage Starfest promotes the scientific and cultural heritage of dark skies over the Colorado Plateau with a two-day festival in partnership with Capitol Reef National Park. This festival is held during a new moon each Fall.
  • The Citizen Science Night Sky Monitoring Project encourages community members to participate in a bi-annual project using sky monitoring devices to record and track changes in the night sky in the Grover-Teasdale-Torrey. Below are links to announcements and photographs: Spring 2016 Event, Spring 2016 FlierFall 2015 Event, Fall 2015 FlierSpring 2015 Event,
  • Dark Skies Over Torrey Initiative promotes economic development activities related to astro-tourism by working with the local community to promote dark sky friendly lighting. To learn more and/or contribute, go to Dark Skies Over Torrey.
  • Other Night Into Day Projects are woven into other programming such as a proposed “night sky interpretive pathway walk”. During the Arts and the Park event, it was suggested that watercolorists consider creating works featuring the night sky. The image on this page is an award winning watercolor by Linda Flannery titled “Torrey, Torrey Night” from the 2016 event.