Love Utah, Give Utah was a remarkable day. Not only did the Entrada Institute raise needed program funding, but across the state of Utah thousands of dollars were donated to hundreds of charitable causes.

Thank you again for being a community builder, place maker and friend of the Entrada Institute. We love where we live, we love that you visit and enjoy the beauty and people of the Colorado Plateau.

Thank you for giving where you live too.

In 2014 the Entrada Institute, Inc. was accredited by the Utah Rural Development Council as an eligible 501(c)3 private nonprofit corporation partner for its activities promoting community and economic development in Wayne County, an eligible Enterprise Zone Community. That means donors transacting business in Wayne County may be eligible for a tax credit (not to exceed $100,000) of 50% of the value of a cash contribution. For more details on this donor incentive program go to:…/in…/enterprise-zones/tax-credits/