On August 4, 2012, Scott and Mary Bedingfieldsmith talkedĀ about the history of straw-bale houses, modern bale construction in general, and specifically their (on-going) experience of being owner-builders of a timber-frame, straw-bale, mud-plastered house.

On August 5, 2012, Scott and Mary hosted a four of area straw-bale homes.

Scott and Mary Bedingfieldsmith

Mary and Scott wanted to build their own house since they were married over thirty years ago. In 1993 they were able to buy some property in Torrey and in 2009 they decided to build a house whether they could afford it or not. So began the adventure of building a timber-frame, straw-bale, mud-plastered house with their own hands and the help of family and friends. When not staying in the yurt at the Torrey building site, Mary and Scott live in Cache Valley, where Mary taught school for over 25 years and Scott works as a freelance photographer. They will move to Torrey full-time when the house is completed.