The summer is filled with engaging entertainment and informative programs in Wayne County. The Entrada Institute is kicking off its 2015 season with a Memorial Day weekend presentation by Carol Edison on 19th and 20th century Utah gravestones.

Throughout the summer, the Saturday Sunset Series programs promote the cultural, natural, and historical heritage of the Colorado Plateau.

A wide range of music programs include the Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival, Apple Days Patriotic and Music Program, Take the Stage Youth Workshops and Concerts, Women’s Redrock Music Festival, and Family Affair music event. Area musicians will also be featured.

Science programs include the topics of lichen, sleep and sex, hawks, senses, grazing issues, and straw bale construction. The Heritage Starfest will be held in the fall.

Utah barns, the Black Hawk Indian war, and Navajo hoop dancing are a few humanities and social science topics. Best-selling author Pam Houston will be featured in August. The Arts and the Park festival, Harvest Time Scarecrow Festival, and Interfaith Christmas programs are spread out through the season.

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