B is Best

We’re seeking films for our Second Annual Independent Film Contest at BIFF (Bicknell International Film Festival).

Low budget movies don’t need to be bad. They can be beautiful, breathtaking, and brilliant! Regardless of whether you’re a professional or novice film-maker, this is your chance to show that you don’t need a million dollars to make an engaging film.

A B-movie is a low-budget motion picture. It’s simply a category of less-publicized and lesser known movie. They can display a high degree of craft and aesthetic ingenuity, but they’re produced inexpensively. With your help, we can return to the day when you don’t need to be a millionaire to produce a great film. From serious to silly, the options for B-movie content are endless.

Some of our best-known film-makers started out making low-budget movies in their own backyards. You could be the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas!

BIFF will hold its second annual Independent Film Contest this year. This year’s theme is DOOMSDAY: 2012. Entries must be 10 minutes or less. The deadline is July 1, 2012. Both professional and novice filmmakers are encouraged to enter.

More details can be found at the website at http://thebiff.org/ifc.html

Check out a demo film created to kick off first annual BIFF-IFC:  2011 Theme: Superheroes.