Chris Simon is an author of documentary films. In September of 2011, she spoke at a Saturday Sunset Series event to share her latest work.

My Canyonlands: The Adventurous Life of Kent Frost is a portrait of Kent Frost, the last of the old time river explored the wild canyons on foot; as a man, he ran its rivers, developed backcountry tourism, and helped create Canyonlands National Park. We see the loss of Glen Canyon and changing perceptions of the land through Kent’s eyes.

My Canyonlands person to person testimony, not just political action, in creating change. Award winning Director Chris Simon interweaves stunning photography of the landscape, stories, music, archival footage and present-day adventures to create an intimate and compelling portrait of Kent Frost and the canyons he loves.

My Canyonlands is narrated by NPR commentator Hal Cannon by James Keelaghan, TR. Ritchie and Cowboy Celtic.

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