The Dark Skies Over Torrey project is underway. With donations through IOBY and outside efforts, we have raised enough money to replace all of the Torrey Town sponsored lights. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our larger goals.

Through a grant, the seven lights on Main Street were replaced last year. You can see what we are working toward.

This is what the old lights look like at night. You can see how the light trespass illuminates nearby trees and buildings.

And, from two blocks away, the light source is visible.

Here is a new light.  You cannot see the building behind the light. You can only see the light from inside the building. And the trees are not illuminated.

From two blocks away, the light source is essentially invisible. Only the street is illuminated.

We are nearly half way to our final goal. There are sixteen more lights in town to replace. Those are the owned privately. Thank you for your continued help with this project.

The sight of the stars makes us dream!

To donate to this amazing nonprofit, Entrada Institute sponsored project, go to