The Entrada Journal is a collection of writings and photographs about the people, culture, land and history of the Colorado Plateau. First published in 2007, the Entrada Journal was originally designed as a series of original articles. Today, it includes background information about many of our Saturday Sunset Series speakers as well as other content of interest in addition to the original articles. Explore the categories including artwork, poetry, written word, music, local history, and newsletters.

The Original Journal

Way back in 1993, when the Entrada Institute was still mostly an idea struggling to find a means of expression, one of the original board members arrived upon  a great idea — she suggested that one Saturday each month be devoted to an open house for members, visitors and area residents during which time everyone would be encouraged to share a talent. The purpose, as she explained it, was to blur the distinction between audience and performer, professional and amateur. Almost from the start, the all-volunteer Saturdays proved hugely popular, and we featured everything from original plays to performance poetry and concerts by singer-songwriters. On one memorable occasion that first summer, the members of a string quartet showed up en route to a performance in the Grand Canyon and took advantage of the opportunity to uncase their instruments before an audience that was thrilled to receive a program of classical music under the stars. On another occasion, Ed Lueders, a retired University of Utah English Professor and longtime Entrada supporter, shared his some works-in-progress with his friends and neighbors.

The goal, then as now, was to encourage the creation of new works in the arts and humanities and to instill a greater understanding of and appreciation for earth sciences and natural history. Since that first, initial foray into Saturday presentations, we have sponsored field trips on geology and botany, animal tracking and the prehistoric American Indian rock art of the area. We’ve also launched workshops on everything from creative writing and photography to journaling and beginning harmonica. Many of our classes continue to this day, though we occasionally go a few years when flagging attendance reminds us that it’s better to do a few things well than a lot of things not-so-well.

Speaking of doing things well, the journal you’re currently viewing reflects a wide range of talents doing many things very well, and reminds us of how much ground we have covered in the past decade and a half. From painting and photography, to poetry, essays, fiction, and history, and including original music to boot, we believe this compilation reflects the range and breadth of works that we strive to present in our programming each year. Some of the works included were solicited from longtime friends and supporters. If you’ve been around Entrada for any length of time, you’ll no doubt recognize more than a few of the names here.  But we encourage you not to neglect the unfamiliar; we’ve taken care to balance those more established names with contributions from worthy new and emerging talents. Like a new hike through a winding desert canyon, during which you’re constantly amazed by the scenery to be found around each bend, this journal will reward your attention.

This journal is the product of many hours of dedicated effort on the part of many Entrada board members, past and present. Were we to attempt to list them all, we’d no doubt inadvertently leave out some of the dedicated volunteers who screened submissions, communicated with contributors, and devised categories for the stubbornly uncategorizable. Therefore, rather than attempting to list all of those who lent their talents to this project, in the spirit of those who donated their talents on our makeshift stage that first long-ago summer, we’ll simply offer a blanket thank-you and a heartfelt hope that you will find the results worthy of your fine efforts.

One final note: this project was made possible by a grant from the Western States Arts Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service.  To them we extend our greatest thanks.

September 2007
The Board of Directors
The Entrada Institute
Torrey, UT