The Friends of Entrada Award recognizes the contributions of an individual, group, or organization that has provided on-going support for the Entrada Institute. This year the award will be presented to the local music group “Rough Around The Edges.” The award presentation will occur at 7:30PM on October 22 as part of the Entrada Institute’s annual year-end event.

Over the years, Rough Around the Edges has volunteered their talents at a wide range of local events. Their enthusiasm for music is contagious.

According to the group’s organizer, “Rough Around the Edges is the public face of a purely recreational Wayne County music group, folks who get together once a week just to play music for the simple fun of it. Our members range from trained musicians to absolute beginners, and we try to keep things simple enough that everyone can join in at some level. Our focus is not on skill, but participation. We’re completely non-judgmental and our only rule is that no one is criticized for anything. We consider our public performances to be our small contribution to the community and only hope that the audience has as much fun as we do.”

The group’s current members include Jim Adams, Janet Adams, Dudley Elliott, Ray Conrad, Jackie Koenig, Dean Koenig, Janet Hansen, Pat Menefee, Don O’Brien, Jim Dowling, Scott Smith, Mary Bedingfield Smith, Eileen Frazier, Rod Frazier, Paul Smith, Margaret Smith, Tamie Bagley, Linda Ward, Robert Poulton, Diana Poulton, Dee Hatch, Gordon Hatch, and Rebecca Pace. (Of course, not all of these play every performance, fortunately for the sound crew).

Rod Frazier will be accepting the award for the group on Saturday October 22 at 7:30PM as part of the Entrada Institute’s Annual Fundraiser ($20 donation suggested). Other activities include additional awards and poetry readings by David Lee.