lugu1Soon the floodgates will open and thousands of people from across the state will “point, click and donate” to charitable causes that work to make Utah a truly phenomenal place to live.

The Entrada Institute is pleased to be a part of this annual day of giving Thursday March 25. We invite you to join us, and we have created a variety of ways in which you can contribute to programs that celebrate the music, art, natural history and traditions of the Colorado Plateau.

You may donate:
• $10 Friend of Arts, Humanities, and Sciences
• $25 Heritage Starfest at Capitol Reef National Park
• $25 Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival
• $25 Art in the Park: Light on the Reef
• $25 Take the Stage: A Youth Music Festival
• $25 Harvest Time Scarecrow Festival
• $25 Youth Scholarships
• $25 Artist in Residence – Arts and Sciences
• $25 A Family Affair: Family Musicians
• $50 9th Women’s Redrock Music Festival
• $75 Saturday Sunset Series
• $150 New Stage and Equipment
• $250 Entrada Center Development

Our goal is to raise $12,000 in just one day! But, we know that with supporters like you behind us, that goal is perfectly attainable. If we meet this goal, we will receive an additional $3,000 in matching grant funds.

Please visit for more information about the work of the Entrada Institute. Elevate your donation impact and send this information to family and friends as every share on social media helps the Entrada Institute raise on average $18 dollars more in program funding.

In 2014 the Entrada Institute, Inc. was accredited by the Utah Rural Development Council as an eligible 501(c)3 private nonprofit corporation partner for its activities promoting community and economic development in Wayne County, an eligible Enterprise Zone Community. That means donors transacting business in Wayne County may be eligible for a tax credit (not to exceed $100,000) of 50% of the value of a cash contribution. For more details on this donor incentive program go to:…/in…/enterprise-zones/tax-credits/