Maximilian Werner is the author of Black River Dreams, a collection of literary fly fishing essays that won the 2008 Utah Arts Council’s Original Writing Competition for Nonfiction: Book. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two children and teaches writing at the University of Utah.

In September 2011, Werner spoke at a Saturday Sunset Series event to promote his new book. Crooked Creek by Maximilian Werner is a warning to us all that we will live or die by virtue of the stories we tell about ourselves, the Earth, and our true place within the web of life.

Warner’s book, “Crooked Creek,” follows the lives and deaths of the Wood family, who flee Arizona when they are implicated in the plunder and sale of stolen Native American antiquities. They seek support in Heber Valley, Utah, but find that life in the valley is not idyllic. However far they run, the past runs faster.

Learn more about the book at Torrey House Press.

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