On June 16, 2012, Roy Webb presented an exciting program titled “The Lost Canyons of the Green River: The Story Before Flaming Gorge Dam”.

Using historical photos and accounts, Speaker Roy Webb revealed fascinating details of the Green River before the Flaming Gorge Dam.

2004 Wilbur R. Jacobs Fellow of the Huntington Library, Webb has researched a vast collection of river history including the Otis R. Marston papers. He teaches classes on river running and river history at the University of Utah.

He has been a consultant for video documentary projects and a television series, and has authored several books about river runners and river history. Roy tells about the community of Linwood whose remains are buried beneath the lake waters of Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

His talk was accompanied by photographs and several video clips; this segment showed the running of Ashley Falls, once the most feared rapid on the river but probably not the worst stretch.

Roy brought along several copies of his latest book, “Lost Canyons of the Green River: The Story before Flaming Gorge Dam.” He autographed copies of it and several of his other books. Another great Saturday Sunset Series presentation. Don’t miss next week’s!

Roy Dale Webb

Roy Dale Webb, C.A. (Certified Archivist), BA, MS was born in Farmington, New Mexico, in October, 1952.  He grew up in Farmington on the banks of the San Juan and Animas Rivers, across the river from the Navajo Nation. He has hiked into the sources of the Green River, run all of the Green below Fontenelle Dam in Wyoming, most of the Colorado between Grand Junction and Pearce Ferry– including 30 trips through the Grand Canyon–the San Juan, the White River, and other rivers in the western United States. He’s written five books and scores of articles and book reviews, virtually all on the history of river running in Utah and the Intermountain West. He was a Wilbur R. Jacobs Fellow of the Huntington Library in 2004, doing research in the vast collection of river history in the Otis R. Marston papers, taught classes on river running history for the University of Utah, has been a consultant for video documentary projects and television series, has been the history interpreter for scores of river trips, and has been a speaker for the training seminars given by the Grand Canyon River Guides Association, both during the land sessions and the two-week river training trips, and was a charter member of the Colorado Plateau River Guides Association.

To learn more, check out photos at the Facebook page.