BIFF 2011The 17th Annual Bicknell International Film Festival was held in Bicknell on July 22-23. This year’s theme was Superheroes: Unleashing the Superhero in All of Us!

Rather than a traditional Saturday Sunset Series event, the BIFF event run from Friday evening through late Saturday night.

The festival included a parade, Friday evening program and party, Saturday morning activities and lunch, Saturday afternoon program, and Saturday evening program and party.

This year the Bad B-Movies included: Batman: 1966, Captain America, and Flash Gordon.

To learn more about this wonderful event, go to the BIFF 2011 Retrospective page.

Be sure to join the fun in 2012. ┬áThe theme will be “Duck and Cover. It’s Doomsday 2012”.

Learn more at BIFF 2012.