Saturday Sunset Series Event
Saturday September 8, 2012 7:30 PM
Robber’s Roost Bookstore, Torrey, Utah

Marden Pond, composer and Entrada Institute Artist-in-Residence (2012) will provide a musical multimedia tribute to the Colorado Plateau titled “Visages in Stone – Voices in the Wind.”
This work is a set of musical soundscapes; a response and tribute to the petroglyphs and pictographs from the earlier inhabitants of the Colorado Plateau, and to the incomparable scenic beauty of the region.
The pictograph below is from the Maze in southern Utah.

Biographical Sketch

Marden Pond is active as a composer, arranger, conductor, producer, author, and educator. He was named the 2012 Entrada Institute Artist-in-Residence.

Dr. Pond holds advanced music degrees and has taught for nearly four decades in higher education. The composer of music on over twenty recorded albums, Dr. Pond has also created music for jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, choirs, the ballet stage, film, video productions, video laser disc, modern dance groups, and a wide variety of chamber, studio, commercial & recording ensembles, a substantial amount of innovative electronic music, commissioned arrangements, & even commercial jingles.

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