Scarecrows are sprouting up all over Wayne County! The Harvest Time Scarecrow Festival runs throughout the month of October. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the fun activities planned from Loa to Hanksville.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are all encouraged to create scarecrows to display. To be eligible for awards, be sure to register your scarecrow at http://goo.gl/NnHTmf. Printed registration forms are also available at Royals in Loa and Robber’s Roost Bookstore in Torrey. Scarecrows must be registered by OCTOBER 6 to be eligible for awards.

Jen Howe will be around to ensure that each scarecrow has a number. She’ll also be photographing each scarecrow. These photos will be posted at Royals, Robber’s Roost. and online.

During the first couple weeks of October, be sure to check out the scarecrows in all the beautiful small towns of Wayne County. A scarecrow map will be available on Facebook. When you’re ready to vote for your favorite, go to http://goo.gl/uQVeHS. You’ll need the scarecrow’s number. You can also vote on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HarvestTimeScarecrowFest.

Finally, you can vote at boxes located at Royal’s in Loa or Robber’s Roost in Torrey. The final day of voting is OCTOBER 15.