biffprogram2Singin’ in the Redrocks
JULY 19-20, 2013

For 19 years, the Bicknell International Film Festival (BIFF) has entertained film fans. The festival’s overall theme is “Better Living through Bad Cinema.” Focusing on the worst of “B-grade”, bad, or simply bizarre films, each year the BIFF committee selects three movies that reflect the best of the worst for a particular theme and celebrates the fun of bad film.

This year’s festival theme is “Singin’ in the Redrocks”. After viewing over 100 musicals, the BIFF committee narrowed it down to three bizarre choices.

A strange combination of Friday the 13th and Oklahoma, Cannibal! The Musical (R) is a 1993 black comedy musical from the twisted mind of Trey Parker of South Park fame. This isn’t your grandma’s musical! A sideshow screen will display fun facts and song lyrics, so you can sing-along with the cannibal!

What happens when you cross a florist nerd with a giant, man-eating plant? You get a comedy musical worthy of BIFF! Starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, and a gaggle of other goofy acting choices, Little Shop of Horrors (PG-13) is just plain silly. From mystery singers in the background to guest appearances by people like John Candy and James Belushi, this is a black comedy musical you don’t want to miss. Come sing-along with a killer-plant.


Our grand finale combines Dolly Parton’s beautiful voice and big chest with Burt Reynolds’ cute smile, but not-so-great vocals. In The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (R), the town sheriff and local “chicken ranch” owner must fight the wicked TV preacher to keep the Devil’s playhouse open. When you combine the dancing sequences with Dom Deluise and Charles Durning with Jim Nabors’ drawl, you’ve got the makings for a perfect BIFF feature.

This year’s festival features three great films, the “World’s Fastest Parade” from Torrey to Bicknell Friday at 6PM, a costume contest, short musical video reviews, parties on both Friday and Saturday night (food, music and dance), and a Saturday noon-time Lunch and Musical Challenges at the Bicknell Town Park.

Purchase of a FastPass allows entry to all festival events; it’s the best-priced deal for taking in the two days of BIFF events. Individual tickets can be purchased for selected events.

Come join the fun JULY 19-20, 2013 at the Wayne Theatre in Bicknell, Utah! Learn more at or join us on Facebook.

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