Enjoy a FREE event!

The Entrada Institute invites you to an entertaining afternoon and evening at Robber’s Roost Bookstore in Torrey, Utah on Saturday May 25th from 4:00PM-8:30PM .

The annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival kicks off the series. This FREE festival begins at 4:00PM with local cowboy poetry and music performers including Rod Frazier, Jim Adams & Bob Poulton; Dudley Elliott; Gil Hunt, Will Barclay, Steve Lutz & Jim Robinson; and poetry by Ray Conrad and other local talent!

Mike Moutoux, a cowboy singer/songwriter will be featured in the evening from 7:30-8:30PM. Known as New Mexico’s Enchanting Cowboy, he specializes in turning ranch work into cowboy songs and poetry.

Food will be available for purchase from Mesa Farm Catering with Beth Peisner.

The Saturday Sunset Series is free and open to the public.


Find more on Mike at  There you will find ranch notes, lots of poetry and links to videos that may make you wish you were a cowboy, and truly make you glad you know one.