On October 5, 2013, winner of the 2013 Entrada Institute Artist-in-Residence award, Jeffrey Gold will present a basic introduction to the elements of screenwriting (so you can get started in good stead).



Jeffrey Gold is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, and composer. Educated at Cambridge University, Westminster College, and the University of Utah, Jeffrey Gold was a member of the Playwright’s Group for more than three seasons, through the auspices of the Salt Lake Acting Company under dramaturg Mike Dorrell (BBC’s Soldier, Soldier) and playwright-in-residence Julie Jensen (Two-Headed). His plays IN THE PURSUIT OF SVETLA, HORST AND GRABEN IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UNFINISHED MAN, FITCH TODD, PERCOLATION THEORY, DEDEKIND, HORST AND GRABEN AT THE CHATEAU GODOT, CANDYCANE HURRICANE, EXECUTION AT PARADAIS ISLAND, DISPLACEMENT: A FISH IN WATER STORY, FAIR SHAKE, and GRIEVING AT DOORS have garnered numerous awards, readings, and productions nationally.

For his feature screenplay, STEEN’S FOLLY, Jeffrey received the 2012 SLFS/USP Screenwriting Fellowship underwritten by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and won recognition in nine international screenplay competitions including Second Place in the StoryPros International Screenplay Contest and Finalist in the 2013 Sundance Institute/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Commissioning Grant & Fellowship competition. A quintessential American rags-to-riches story, STEEN’S FOLLY chronicles maverick geologist Charles Steen, who prospected on the Colorado Plateau for the world’s most valuable mineral and ended up launching a mining boom bigger than the Gold Rush.