steveSteve Taylor is always a popular speaker at Entrada events. This year, this informative local historian shares the history of area wildlife before the settlers arrived.

Title: Area Fish and Wildlife Before Settlement

Early area accounts before and after the settlement of the Fremont River Valleys are examined to determine the impact of settlement on area fish and wildlife resources.

  • What wildlife roamed the mountains and valleys?
  • How did the wildlife change over time?
  • What impact did early peoples have on the wildlife populations?

Join us for an engaging look back in time.

Steve Taylor Biographical Sketch

Steve Taylor is a local historian specializing in the early history of the Fremont River communities. Mr. Taylor lives in Fremont on a small farm where he teaches a weekly history class. He is the sixth generation of his family to have lived in this valley with many of the first settlers being his direct ancestors. Mr. Taylor received his education in math and physics and spent forty years in environmental  management for the resource extraction industry. Steve continues to do consulting on fire and explosion suppression for the oil and aircraft industry.