From Wood and Weaving to Chickens:
The Spark Squad Explores Cultural Heritage

Over 100 people attended the second Wayne County Cultural Heritage community dinner. This Spark Squad event focused on our heritage of wood and crafting. Thanks to the 4-H youth, families, and many other community members that brought their wood crafts to share including Carolyn and Richard Mattingly and Ryan Torgerson. Also, thanks to Boulder Innovations for sharing their wood products and providing door prizes.

Rather than a speaker or other large group activity, these dinner events feature a variety of intergenerational activities, maker spaces, exhibits, slideshows, and videos to help spark conversations about the themes. Larry Johnson shared a video titled Spoonwright: Troy Anderson & Sons. A video produced by Lauren Hanson of her grandfather J.R. Chappell who makes wood bowls and several videos by Adus Dorsey exploring local logging and sawmills were also featured. Thanks to Steve Taylor for providing wood samples for our wood identification games and also supplies for our 4-H activities. Many families such as the Chappells, Torgersons, Stewarts, and Paces provided input for the historic sawmill map.

Our 4-H youth have already jumped into the baskets, rugs, and weaving theme. Several members of our community continue the weaving tradition through maintaining our cultural heritage. For instance, Linda Chappell of Lyman weaves rag rugs. Diena Riddle of Bicknell has brought a new perspective to local weaving through her work spinning wool from her alpacas. Clotilde Barrett of Torrey is a world-renowned weaver who is currently working on a new book featuring a mix of traditional and new designs and colors.

On Wednesday March 14th at 6:00PM the next FREE community dinner will be held at the Wayne County Community Center in Bicknell. The evening will include a free meal, historical perspectives, exhibits and demonstrations, marker spaces, and weaving-related activities. We’ll have a table ready for anyone who has items to share. Our numbers are growing, so it’s important to let us know if you’re going to attend the dinner. To register for the free meal, call the USU Extension/4-H Office at 435-836-1312. They are also coordinating the 4-H youth activities if you have questions.

Our theme focusing on Chickens: Hatching, Raising, and Consuming comes up next. 4-H activities begin in early March with a community event on March 28.

We’re still looking for historic photos or locally produced products related to any of our themes. If you’re willing to share, please contact Project Director Annette Lamb at or call 435-425-3415. This project is made possible through a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Entrada Institute. LIKE us at – Annette Lamb, The Entrada Institute


Photo credit: People of all ages enjoyed the “sink or float” wood activity. Photo by Annette Lamb

Photo credit: Even the youngest children enjoyed the wood theme. Photo by Annette Lamb