“Not many hobos have gone from Yale to rail or from hunk to monk!”

Freight Train Wayne Iverson spoke at a Saturday Sunset Series event in September, 2011.

Iverson shared his life as presented in his book “Hobo Sapien: Freight Train Hopping Tao and Zen.” Iverson told the story of the miles he’s covered in a series of freight-train parables born from his 12 years of riding freights. Iverson put a modern spin on railroad history and freight hopping.

Caroline Kueneman and Steve Lutz have been twining sweet harmonies together for over 20 years. Whether with their bands Tangle Ridge and Up ‘Til Dawn or on their own, they sing stories of people, places, loss and love. They brought lonesome trains and lonely hobos to life with classic folk and old time country songs.

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