wrrfThe tenth annual Women’s Redrock Music Festival (WRRMF) was a success thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, and over 700 participants who came together to celebrate music “by women, for everyone”. The Entrada Institute and the WRRMF’s planning committee look forward to another ten years of music and want to thank the many generous people who made the event possible.

To explore photos from the event, go to Day 1 and Day 2.

The WRRMF would not exist without the help of countless volunteers. Many of these people may go unnoticed, but have been involved in many, if not all, the festivals: Amy Lyman, Heather Franck, Dayne Law, Bonnie Owens and the security team, Jandy Stelter and her #TeamMerch, Jack and Donna Arnott, Sean Duncan, Jamie Backman and Maggie Van Komen, Joni Weiss, Pat Priebe and Brian Swanson, Chip and Linda Ward, Jen Howe, Donna Sall and Duane Platt, Holly Tanner and Gena Cox, Kelly Marnin, Laura and Barry Scholl, Annie Macey, Nan Anderson, Becky Frasier, Meghan Penegord, Dennis Owens, Philip Jeffs, Tracy Hoard, Ava Naisbit, Collen and Jelene Mewing, Ray Conrad, Peggy Reiner, Margaret and John Fahey, Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson, Nancy Green and Jerome West, Bonnie O’Brien, Davida Wagner and Molly Butterworth, Julie Schacht, Lee Austin, Becky Rock, Marci Milligan and Ann Williams, Penny Fitzgerald, Linda Aliotta, Leigh von der Esch, Jane Erickson, Monica Owens, Mary Jane Fine, James Kay, and The Staff of the Raw Bean.

Also, thanks to the financial support of the many individuals, businesses, and organizations that contribute to the festival each year.

Finally, thanks to the people of Torrey and the surrounding communities who open their arms each year to this amazing musical event.