Dr. Annette Lamb, the nonprofit’s new president shared her thoughts about why she sought the role of president at this time point in time.

“While creating the Entrada Institute’s 20th Anniversary Retrospective document a couple years ago, I developed a renewed understanding and appreciation for the essential role our organization has played and continues to play in serving the public good. I look forward to leading this organization’s transition from a powerful, local nonprofit to a world-class center for the promotion of the natural, cultural, and scientific heritage of the Colorado Plateau.

Since becoming a full-time resident of Wayne County, I’ve become involved in a number of local activities including serving on the Wayne County 4-H board. I’ve learned that our county’s strength comes from its unique combination of long-time residents, newcomers, part-timers, and tourists. Each of these groups has its own perspective on the natural, cultural, and scientific heritage of the Colorado Plateau. My goal is to harness the synergy that comes from these different views to build a rich environment for collaboration, economic development, youth development, and life-long learning. 

I have served on the Entrada Institute board of directors for five years as the Program Committee Co-Chair and website coordinator. I’ve spent more than 30 years as a university professor and before that a K-12 educator and librarian. Having chaired University level committees, served on the executive board of state organizations, chaired committees in national organizations and owned small businesses, I feel qualified to serve as the President of the Entrada Institute. 

As an artist, writer, scholar, and citizen scientist, I’m deeply committed to the Entrada Institute’s mission of serving the public as a center and resource for promoting an appreciation of the people, places, and aesthetics of the Colorado Plateau.

I look forward to working with the local community and hope you share my passion for our nonprofit’s mission.”

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