President’s Message

Dr. Annette Lamb, the nonprofit’s new president shared her thoughts about why she sought the role of president at this time point in time. “While creating the Entrada Institute’s 20th Anniversary Retrospective document a couple years ago, I...

New Officers Elected

The Entrada Institute has elected new Officers. Annette Lamb, President Marci Milligan, Vice President Stacey Board, Secretary Cal Boardman, Treasurer

2015 Retrospective and 2016 Preview

Check out the Entrada Institute’s 2015 retrospective and 2016 preview.

Frank McEntire

Frank McEntire is a past president of the Entrada Institute. He is also an Entrada Institute Ward Roylance award recipient. McEntire is a native of Houston, TX, and moved to Utah in 1976. His sculptural works have been featured in several publications and shown in...